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Helping you Protect Your Largest Investment!

A home is the largest investment for most Americans.  Central Texas has some of the most active soils in the United States.  These soils can shrink and swell 6 inches or more, resulting in movement in your house's foundation and resulting in cracking both to the interior and exterior of the home.  If you are seeing signs of foundation movement; cracks in sheetrock or bricks, doors or windows that won't open or close properly, cracks in concrete slab or anything that doesn't seem right to you, contact Hall Engineering for a free phone consultation and see what we can do to help you protect your investment.

Hall Engineering vs. foundation repair contractor

We will provide you an independent engineering report with recommendations. Foundation repair contractors will provide you a "free" evaluation.  They only make money in selling you a foundation repair.

Cost of engineering evaluation vs repair

Our fee for a detailed structural evaluation is a few hundred dollars.  Foundation repairs are typically $10,000+.  Let us perform an independent assessment before you commit to expensive repairs that may not be necessary.

Residential Engineering

In addition to foundation evaluations we can help you with all of your residential engineering needs.  Want to remove a load bearing wall or expand your living space? Give us a call.


"Jerry evaluated my foundation and determined that I only needed to water more and that I didn't need foundation piers installed"

- Debi S.

"I had a repair quote for $14,000. Jerry performed an inspection on my home and determined that I only needed to underpin a corner of my house and saved me $11,000"

- Jeff S.


Hall Engineering is a licensed Engineering firm in the State of Texas and has been performing structural inspections and evaluations since 1997!